UPDATE Alabama tornadoes: Emergency Disaster Services responds

Smiths Station, AL (March 7, 2019)— The Salvation Army continues to be a light of help and hope for those affected by the recent devastating Southeast Alabama tornadoes. On Wednesday, March 6, that help took the form of setting up a canteen (mobile feeding unit) at the Lee County Emergency Management Agency’s Volunteer Reception Center that has been established at Smith Station Baptist Church. Those wishing to volunteer with the county can drop into the center, receive training and an assignment, and head out to do their volunteer work. The Salvation Army is on hand to provide meals, beverages and snacks to those volunteers, and in many cases, to the people the volunteers are heading out to serve.

“I’m just very grateful the tornado hit half a mile from my home in two different directions. It went over my house. I’m very grateful to the Lord that I didn’t get hurt, and I just want to help those that are,” said Yvette Greene, a county volunteer who loaded up her car with meals from The Salvation Army canteen to share with those already in the field. Another volunteer, Tricia Harm, mother of seven, brought four of her children who are old enough to volunteer to the center on Wednesday, to serve those hurting in their community. Tricia and her teenage children came to The Salvation Army canteen for lunch before heading out to their volunteer assignment. “We are volunteering to help clean up, because it’s our town. We’re a military family, but it’s our town. The kids wanted to help and this is what we can do, so this is what we’ll do,” said Tricia.

The Salvation Army is proud to provide for tornado survivors and those who are volunteering to serve their hurting neighbors. To date, The Salvation Army has provided 1,495 meals, 619 drinks, 1,143 snacks, and emotional and spiritual care to 71 individuals. To donate to tornado relief efforts, go to helpsalvationarmy.org.


Smiths Station, AL (March 6, 2019)— The Salvation Army is serving the Smiths Station community today, where cleanup efforts are well underway in this area that suffered major damage from Sunday’s tornado outbreak. Serving meals, drinks, and snacks from a fixed location at Smiths Station Baptist Church, The Salvation Army will also be offering much needed emotional and spiritual care to tornado survivors.

A Salvation Army mobile feeding unit will also roam the surrounding area, providing similar services. “Today, The Salvation Army’s mission is to provide relief to those who are suffering because of this horrific event in a manner which provides hope for the tomorrows,” said Major Bradley Caldwell, Salvation Army Emotional & Spiritual Care Officer.

To date, The Salvation Army has provided 1,050 meals, 670 snacks, 450 drinks, 20 personal hygiene kits, 25 backpacks, and emotional and spiritual care to 22 individuals in response to the deadly tornado that struck Lee County, AL on Sunday, March 3, 2019. To donate to The Salvation Army’s tornado relief efforts, go to helpsalvationarmy.org.


Opelika, AL (March 5, 2019)— The Salvation Army’s Incident Command Team responding to the recent tornadoes that devastated areas of Lee County continued to serve first responders today with food, hydration, and emotional and spiritual care. The Salvation Army team remained on standby today for service delivery to the public due to the continuing search and rescue efforts that are keeping the hardest hit areas non-accessible to relief crews until the search effort is completed.

“The Salvation Army is happy to be able to serve in Lee County. We look forward to going out into the Beauregard community to serve the people so affected by the tornado. We wish blessings on and our prayers go out for each and every person affected by the storm,” said Major Bill Shafer, Incident Commander. “We are also thankful for our many partners in service who have come out in support of this community,” he added.

To date, The Salvation Army has provided 700 meals, 100 drinks, and 670 snacks to the first responders of this disaster, who are doing such difficult and important work. The Salvation Army looks forward to serving the hurting community in the coming days as roads are cleared for the public. To donate to The Salvation Army’s tornado relief efforts, go to helpsalvationarmy.org


Lee County, AL (March 3, 2019)— The Salvation Army Lee County Service Center has activated to respond to a tornado outbreak which has resulted in much destruction to include a number of injuries and deaths in Lee County, Alabama. Thus far, the Service Center has provided 200 meals to first responders.

“We stand ready to provide hope and comfort to this community which has lost so much in this devastating storm,” said Terry Lightheart, Divisional Director of Emergency Disaster Services for The Salvation Army Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi Division.

An Incident Command Team and four mobile feeding units from Anniston, Birmingham and Montgomery will deploy to the the area tomorrow morning to provide hot meals, snacks, beverages and emotional and spiritual care to first responders and residents throughout the county.

To donate to The Salvation Army’s relief efforts, go to helpsalvationarmy.org .

For more information on Emergency Disaster Services efforts, visit https://disaster.salvationarmyusa.org/

Report by Daphne Nabors 



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