Mozambique: The Salvation Army responds as communities recover from Cyclone Desmond

CYCLONE Desmond, which hit parts of central Mozambique in late January 2019, has caused severe damage and led to 120,000 people to be displaced from their homes. The Salvation Army’s emergency response centres on one of the worst-affected areas, Ndunda in Beira, where homes were destroyed and – in some cases – literally swept away by the flood waters.

Evacuation centres have opened in Beira City, but The Salvation Army’s response – in conjunction with the local government disaster management service, Red Cross and Council of Churches in Mozambique – identified just over 350 families in particular need.

In the first instance, emergency food parcels – including maize meal, rice, oil, beans, salt and sugar – have been distributed to families and individuals, along with other essential items. The provision ensures that two nutritious meals a day will be possible for the 1,775 people supplied. Mosquito nets, buckets and water-purifying chemicals have also been provided, through the multi-agency response. Recipients have been identified in consultation with community leaders and in line with humanitarian principles.

As the relief items are distributed, care is also being taken to provide community members with information about disaster preparedness and mitigation.

Donors wishing to support The Salvation Army’s Africa Disaster Appeal can do so securely online here.





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