by Samantha Hyde

“God saved me, and I know if He saved me, He can save anybody,” Cynthia Williams said with absolute conviction. This truth guides her every day as she works one-on-one with clients at the Indianapolis, Ind., Harbor Light Center led by Majors K.K. and Katrina Mathews.

For 20 years Cynthia struggled with drug addiction while living a double life. She often would work two jobs to provide for her children but also fund her habit, all without her family and friends knowing.

“I was a good chameleon,” she said. “I still dressed nicely and took my kids to school. I still cooked, went to school programs, cleaned, was a mom, all because I didn’t want anyone to know the real Cynthia.”

Cynthia’s moment of truth came after a weekend of using drugs that left her penniless and stranded on the side of the road. Sitting in her car she knew she’d hit rock bottom. “I just looked up and said, ‘God, kill me now because death has got to be better than this. I’m tired.'” Cynthia got out of her car and started walking toward the hospital where she worked. That day marked the first day of her recovery and the turning point in her life.

This fall Cynthia will celebrate 14 years of recovery. In that time she has earned two degrees and is on her way to a Master of Divinity. As a counselor at the Harbor Light Center, she shares her story to forge connections with men and women who are struggling to break free from addiction. Many are so discouraged by their past they can’t imagine a better future.

Cynthia knows her recovery began when she finally surrendered to God. It’s a lesson she passes on to others, encouraging them to look at this journey as one they don’t have to make alone. Every day she walks the center’s halls as proof God provides second chances. She hasn’t forgotten her past but is focused on the future.

“I don’t think about using drugs at all because I have faith enough in the God that I serve,” she declared. “He delivered me, so there’s no way I can go back. Even when I was at my worst, God cared enough about me to say, ‘I still love you.’ I owe my life to Him, and I owe my life to serving people.'”


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