The Chicago, Ill., Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC) recently opened a new, state-of-the-art donation center and family store in Glenview, Ill. More than 1,700 people attended a two-day grand opening. The opening ceremony was led by Major Randall Polsley, Adult Rehabilitation Centers commander, and Major Janeen McConniel, command secretary for mission integration. Neighbors and friends of the Army stopped by to offer congratulations. Highlights included a ribbon cutting and a donation of 218 MyPillows for sale, a sign of the partnership between The Salvation Army and Mike Lindell, creator of MyPillow and his ongoing support of the work of the adult rehabilitation centers.

A higher-income area, Glenview doesn’t seem the type of community that would support a thrift store. However, according to Major John Aren, administrator of the Chicago North Side and Central ARCs, the placement is strategic to promote the #newimageofthrift initiative.

“The purchase of this 24,000-square-foot facility is a major investment for The Salvation Army,” he said. “It represents every effort in portraying TSA’s #newimageofthrift which includes the promised pursuit of pristine people, product and presentation.”

Providing upwards of 800 hours of employment and training in repurposing, recycling and sustainable practices for the future, the store will benefit the local economy. In addition, encouraging the donation of good reusable items will benefit the environment by decreasing the amount of unwanted but viable goods sent to the local landfill.

“ARC stores accept these goods and make them available at something between 10 and 20 percent of the original cost in order to provide the much needed funds for the recovery, redemption and restoration of those relying on us,” added the major.

Profits from the Glenview store, projected to be $2 million per year, will support the efforts of the Chicago ARCs, which minister to hundreds of individuals each year as they work toward breaking the bonds of addiction and rebuilding their lives.






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