Embracing what God asks you

by Jessica Davis

Have you ever felt the Lord just sit you down and ask, “What are you going to do about it?”

As a working wife and mother of two, my life was full, but, being honest, I found myself longing for fellowship with other women of faith who I could learn from. At first it was something I internalized, but then I began to express this desire for fellowship out loud. For the better part of six months my prayers asked God to bring into my life one or two ladies I could bond and connect with.

I was surprised when I felt the Lord say, “Ok, Jessica, so what are you going to do about it?” Even so, I ignored His prompting for some time while still praying the same way. His response did not change.

Expressing this conflict to others, someone suggested I look into Embrace. I was directed to the territorial women’s ministries website where it describes Embrace as a small group movement for intentional and deep fellowship. This was it! It’s what I had been looking for. The only catch was the Rockford Temple, Ill., Corps didn’t have one.

Realizing and accepting the Lord’s direction, I set out to find other women who shared my interest in fellowship. I planned the first gathering with hopes one or two ladies would attend. I was blessed when seven showed up!

A year and a half later we have an active group that meets once a month for fellowship. Our gatherings are precious times of sharing with each other; our conversations are filled with life.  The goal of Embrace is to provide authentic relationships by fellowshipping with a community, and I have found this within our Rockford Temple Embrace. We come from many different backgrounds and find ourselves in various stages in life, but we’re bound by the desire for fellowship. We accept and support each other. I look forward to our times together whether the regular monthly gathering or a planned outing such as seeing a play or visiting the main street market.

Had I ignored the Lord when He asked, “What are you going to do about it?”, I would have missed an opportunity to meet and learn from some amazing women and realize in a new way that God’s plans for me embrace meeting my needs.



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