The Salvation Army Song Book Devotional Series

The Southern California Division has developed a devotional series using material from both The Salvation Army Songbook and The Salvation Army Tune Book.

The video series will begin on Wednesday, February 14, and following the Lenten calendar, will continue throughout the season with a new devotional posted every day (except for Sundays). The simplest way to view these brief daily videos is by joining the Facebook group, “The Salvation Army Song Book Devotional Series.” A youtube channel of the same name has also been generated.

Forty of the most precious hymns will be presented under the headings of The name of Jesus, The life and teaching of Jesus and The suffering and death of Jesus. The devotional thought will be accompanied by a vocal performance of the song—a time to listen to the beautiful melodies and meditate on the words.

Kevin Larsson will be reading the devotions, which have been written by some of The Salvation Army’s most highly respected and influential leaders. They include Generals John Larsson and Paul Rader, Commissioners William Francis, Alex Hughes, Keith Banks, James Knaggs,  and Dick Krommenhoek and writer Major Stephen Court. Their knowledge and experience allows them to breakdown the theology behind the songs, explaining the author’s thoughts in a clear, simple and understandable way. Through the series, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the literature that forms a significant part of our sung theology.

An introductory video is on the Facebook page and can also be viewed through the link below.


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