The General Responds to Manchester Attack, Calling Salvationists to Share Peace

London, May, 23, 2017/IHQ/ – GENERAL André Cox has published a statement in response to the terrorist attack on a concert in Manchester, England, in which at least 22 people were killed. It is thought that many of the victims, at a concert by American singer Ariana Grande, were in their teens.

In his message to Salvationists and friends, the General writes: ‘My heart breaks for all who were affected in Manchester – and for the many, many people who find their everyday lives blighted by fear because of the acts of a few misguided people who grotesquely misrepresent the faith they claim to follow.’ He offers the reminder that even in difficult days Jesus offers peace to his followers – a peace that can and should be shared.

The statement also pays tribute to the emergency services and to the three Salvation Army teams which provided pastoral and practical assistance to more than 400 people in the hours immediately following the attack. The teams remain ready to provide further assistance should that be necessary.

Commissioner Clive Adams (Territorial Commander, United Kingdom Territory with Republic of Ireland) wrote: ‘Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who have died, and our best wishes to the who are injured.’ He concluded his thoughts with a prayer: ‘Lord, comfort the bereaved, touch the injured, bring shalom to those who are angry or fearful.’

A vigil in Albert Square, central Manchester, is being attended by Salvationists including Major Alan Watters (Divisional Commander, Central North Division) and Lieutenant Kay Blues (Manchester Central).

Major Watters has written and shared a prayer for the injured, for the bereaved and for the leaders of the city and country. He thanks God for the emergency services and for the ‘humanity and kindness’ shown by members of the public. (See for the full text of the major’s prayer.)

The Salvation Army remains a reassuring and visible presence in the city.

The General’s statement can be found in full at

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