TSA boys adventure with Christ!

The Salvation Army Adventure Corps is a Christian education program designed for boys Grades 1-8. It is divided into two sections: Explorers for boys in Grades 1-4 and Rangers for boys in Grades 5-8. Each section takes members through a series of achievement awards and levels, helping boys to develop their individuality and potential.

The Adventure Corps Program emphasizes discipleship, evangelism and life skill development. The spiritual element sets Adventure Corps apart from other boys’ groups.

The goals of Adventure Corps are:

  • Salvation–To present the Good News of Jesus Christ in meaningful and practical ways which relate to the boys’ experiences and capacities to understand.
  • Growth–To meet the individual needs of boys through an organized activity oriented program.
  • Education–To teach life skills and instill an appreciation and sense of stewardship toward God’s created world.
  • Fellowship–To provide recreational and fellowship activities that will encourage healthy physical growth and enhance friendships.
  • Service–To challenge the boys to Christian service in their corps or other churches or in their communities.

The Salvation Army’s unique approach to scouting means boys are mentored in faith in addition to learning essential survival and life skills. Leaders place emphasis on growing in relationship with Christ through Bible study, prayer and involvement in a church community. Boys learn to apply spiritual truths to their lives and experiences.

Beyond weekly meetings at their local corps, boys also have the opportunity to spend time at one of The Salvation Army’s camps during the summer, giving them access and exposure to the outdoors they might never experience otherwise. During these week-long camps, boys have the chance to earn badges related to activities such as fishing, swimming, archery and sports.

For more information on The Salvation Army’s programs for boys, visit www.centralyouthnetwork.com and click on the character-building link.



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