The Salvation Army in Japan

In 1895 a small group of officers from Britain arrived in Yokohama, Japan, to start operations. In spite of great difficulties, the work was soon established. Among the outstanding Japanese people who were attracted to The Salvation Army, one of the most distinguished was Order of the Founder recipient, Commissioner Gunpei Yamamuro, a prominent evangelist and author whose book, The Common People’s Gospel, has been reprinted more than 500 times.

To commemorate the Army’s 120 years of ministry in Japan and to focus on the next generation, a “Challenging Tomorrow” seminar was held to study the past, know the present and soar into the future. Later in the year an inspiring territorial youth congress, “Feel the Power of God” (based on Ephesians 3:7), featured a gospel arts concert telling the story of Commissioner Yamamuro, considered the father of the Army in Japan, through music and drama.

The territory has 44 corps, 12 outposts, two hospitals and 15 facilities for social services, including four children’s homes, four older adult homes, shelters, rehabilitation centers and an office supervising long-term, post-tsunami recovery projects. With 2,500 soldiers, the territory has 72 active officers and 1,300 employees.







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