List of Bible and Discipleship Training Seminar presentations available in Spanish

Available online from The Salvation Army’s USA Central Territory are Bible and Discipleship Training Seminar presentations in the Spanish language. Each semi-annual seminar features a Bible study and leadership training presentation ideal for group or personal studies. You can access them at:

Spring 2014  

“Sharing is Caring” by Captain Pedro Arias (Bible study)

“Personal Finances” by Captain Enrique Azuaje (Leadership training) 

Fall 2014

“The Full Life in the Spirit” by Carlos Moran (Bible study)

“Leadership through the Spiritual Gifts” by Alfredo Martinez (Leadership training) 

Spring 2015 *

“The Christian Amour” by the late Major Sonia Gonzalez (Bible study)           

“Lifestyle Discipleship” by Major Johanna Pook (Leadership training)

Spring 2016

“How a Christian Can be Free of Anxiety” by Alberto Giraldo (Bible study)

“Lifestyle Evangelism” by Captain Marcelo Orbe (Leadership training) 

Fall 2016

“There is a Time for Everything” by Captain Nivia Paredes (Bible study)

“Walking Hand by Hand” by Kerman Moran (Leadership training)


*  The Fall 2015 seminar was conducted in Laotian.


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