2016 Central Music Institute Award Winners

Shagbark Band

1st        Victoria Garcia (Freemont, Neb., Corps)

Frank and Gladys Botu Award

2nd       Juan Alonzo (East Chicago, Ind., Corps)

3rd        Rebecca Miguel (South America East Territory)


Hilltop Chorus

1st        Benjamin Dwyer (Brown County, Ind., Corps)

Victor Danielson Scholarship

2nd       Ashlyn Nelson (Pekin, Ill., Corps)

3rd        Aniya O’Neal (Mt. Clemons, Mich., Corps)


Temple Band

1st        Jillian Pratt (Quincy Kroc Center, Ill.)

Rachel Grindle-Phelps Award

2nd       Joshua Washington (Farmington Hills, Mich., Corps)

3rd        Alex Utzig (Janesville, Wis., Corps)


Tabernacle Band

1st        Leo Thomas (Valmy Corps, Denmark)

Paton Family Scholarship

2nd       Beja Thomas (Valmy Corps, Denmark)

3rd        Axel Torres (Waukesha, Wis., Corps)


Citadel Band

1st        Richard Thalman (Lakewood Temple, Minn., Corps)

Donald Hanton Scholarship

2nd       Allison Jordan (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Corps)

3rd        Feith Sanchez (Lakewood Temple, Minn., Corps)


Booth Chorale

1st        Rachel McCoy (Muscatine, Iowa, Corps)

Douglas Norris Scholarship

2nd       Elizabeth Shypulski (St. Paul Citadel, Minn., Corps)

3rd        Erin McDonald (Grand Rapids Fulton Heights, Mich., Corps)


Wonderland Band

1st        Marc Smith (Aurora, Ill., Corps)

William and Katherine Scarlett Scholarship

2nd       Mark Woodrow (Norwich Citadel Corps, England)

3rd        Andrew Herndon (Oak Creek Centennial, Wis., Corps)


Elective Track Scholarships

Dance—Joe Becker (St. Cloud, Minn., Corps)

Drama—Richard Thalman (Lakewood Temple, Minn., Corps)

Praise Band—Samuel Leka (Rockford Temple, Ill., Corps)

Media Producation—Greg Hurula (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Corps)


Ernest and Mary Miller Vocal Soloist Award

Elizabeth Shypulski (Lakewood Temple, Minn., Corps)


Marjorie Marshall Piano Award

Allison Jordan (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Corps)


Flint Citadel Uden-McDougall Percussion Award

Feith Sanchez (Lakewood Temple, Minn., Corps)


Ray Wright Tuba Award

Alex Utzig (Janesville, Wis., Corps)


Earle Hanton Euphonium Award

Daniel Thalman (Lakewood Temple, Minn., Corps)


John R. Cheyne Trombone Award

Landon McClintock (Omaha Citadel, Neb., Corps)


Howard Chesham Horn Award

Genesis Mbesi (Royal Oak, Mich., Corps)


Ron Rowland Cornet Award

Greg Hurula (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Corps)


Brigadier Harry Strissel Most Improved Musician Award

Axel Torres (Waukesha, Wis., Corps)


Ramsdale-Jaudes-Boyer Rookie Award

Aaron Frish (Des Plaines, Ill., Corps)


Irwin and Marion Fischer Awards

Leadership—Colin Guscott (Havendale Corps, Jamaica)

Composition—Christian Mendoza-Laude (Philadelphia, Pa.)


Bernard and Bessie Smith Conducting Award

David Hellstrom (Omaha Citadel, Neb., Corps)


Majors William and Jean Stuart Award

Stephen Jordan (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Corps)


Lois and Len Duguay Spirit of CMI Award

Allison Jordan (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Corps)


Ben Merritt Award (Arthur Shoults Scholarship)

David Hellstrom, Moriah Hellstrom (Omaha Citadel, Neb., Corps)


Crosby-O’Neil Cornet Award

Oak Creek Centennial, Wis., Corps



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