Three reasons to invite Territorial Evangelists to your corps

by Lt. Judith Fetzer, Pontiac, Mich., Corps Officer

Eye Contact 

Corps officers are so busy. We rush from meeting to program to event to report.  Slowing down to look people in the eye should be a discipline we practice. When the territorial evangelists come to town, life can slow down.  The corps officer has a helping hand from someone who understands the value of personal connection and will model the importance of lingering with “the least of these.”

Direct, Encouraging Teaching

It’s helpful to “call in the experts” to exhort our congregations to take a fresh look at the world and the Word. The territorial evangelists prayerfully prepare based on direction from the corps officer, so they can meet specific needs, and often I’ve seen spiritual stronghold breakthroughs.

Guitars and Grace

The territorial evangelists understand real life and are prepared to minister in any context. They go with the flow, fit into the rhythm of your people –and your family—offer no judgment, and even if a personal crisis or catastrophe occurs, have musical abilities on hand just in case you should need them.



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