Urbana: Why you should go


  1. Meet Salvationists from around the country.

Not only do you get to meet believers from around the nation about your age, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet Salvationists from all four U.S. territories. The Central team is planning a special time of fellowship for all Salvation Army delegates at the St. Louis Temple, Mo., Corps. Join with other Salvationists to worship, connect and fellowship.

  1. Know God’s will for your life.

There’s no other place where you can explore so many options for your future with so many people and organizations committed to making a positive difference in the world. As the largest student missions conference in the world, Urbana offers a unique opportunity to find out how your education and skills fit current needs, whether you’re pursuing nursing, art, physics, business, teaching, law, design, youth ministry or technology.

  1. Get firsthand information about the world.

At Urbana you can connect with Christians from around the world with real experience working and serving in amazing places. They’ve seen both beauty and brokenness in the places they’ve been and will share insights that are hard to find anywhere else. Broaden your mind. Deepen your passion. Get inspired to courageously follow God’s leading in your own life.

  1. Connect more deeply with God.

Urbana is a sacred way to use the days between Christmas and New Year’s, providing space to worship, pray and listen to God’s Word. Over the last 70 years, thousands of women and men have encountered God at Urbana in profound ways that have marked their lives. It’s also an opportunity to bring tools and ideas you’ve learned back to your corps to utilize in your young adult and teen ministries at home.


Reasons 2-4 rewritten with permission from: www.urbana.org/why-attend




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