Leadership Changes

Commissioner Paul R. Seiler, Territorial Commander, has announced the following changes of leadership appointments:


Majors Thomas & Jackie BowersMajors Thomas and Jacalyn Bowers are appointed to the Chief Secretary’s office as Assistants to the Chief Secretary, pro tem, effective June 24, 2015. Thereafter, they will be appointed to National Headquarters with Major Thomas Bowers as National Secretary for the World Service Office and Major Jacalyn Bowers as Assistant National Secretary for the World Service Office/National Secretary for International Anti-Human Trafficking, effective August 1, 2015, with promotions to the rank of Lt. Colonel.


Polsley, Randall and Charlene, Majors_UnofficialMajors E. Randall and Charlene Polsley are appointed to the Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) Command with Major Randall Polsley as ARC Commander and Major Charlene Polsley as Director of Special Services, with the additional appointment as Officer Development Secretary, effective June 24, 2015.




Majors Glen & Carole CaddyMajors Glen and Carole Caddy are appointed to the Western Michigan and Northern Indiana Division with Major Glen Caddy as Divisional Commander and Major Carole Caddy as Divisional Director of Women’s Ministries, with the additional appointment of Officer Development Secretary.


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