William Booth Society — Questions answered

What is The William Booth Society?

The Salvation Army has established The William Booth Society as a nationwide program to recognize and honor individuals who make an annual gift of $5,000 or more to support Army programs and services in their local community.


Why is The William Booth Society important?

  • It encourages personal major giving among individuals of financial ability and commitment.
  • It develops a dependable source of funding for new or expanded programs and services.
  • It identifies new and influential leadership so important to the Army’s future strength.
  • It recognizes leadership giving and builds commitment to The Salvation Army.
  • It directs these funds for local programs and services in the member’s own community.


What are the levels of giving?

Member of The William Booth Society:         $5,000

The George Scott Railton Circle:                    $10,000 to $24,000

The Evangeline Booth Circle:                         $25,000 to $49,000

The Catherine Mumford Booth Circle:           $50,000 to $99,000

The Founder’s Circle:                                     $100,000 and above


What are the criteria for giving?

  • The gift is annual
  • The gift may be either remitted in full or pledged and paid in increments through the year.
  • The gift is to support new and expanded programs or services (not for endowment or capital).
  • The gift is from an individual, his or her foundation or trust, and not from a corporation or corporate foundation. (Corporate giving is recognized through the Partners and Partners Plus programs.)


What is the giving calendar?

Pledged increments will be accepted throughout the full calendar year. Annual Donor listings reflect the names of those who have made gifts or whose pledges have been fulfilled during the previous twelve-month period.


Will The William Booth Society program conflict with The Salvation Army capital campaigns?

Donors recognize the different between a one-time large gift to construct a new building, or to renovate or expand an existing building and the annual need for funds to support ongoing programs and services. Donors close to the Army should have the opportunity to make both kind of gifts if they so desire.


How will William Booth Society members be recognized for their support?

Donors to The Salvation Army want to be assured that their contribution is spent to meet the needs of others, not on expensive donor gifts and programs. William Booth Society recognition will be focused on keeping donors informed, thanked and cherished.

Donors at higher levels may wish to direct their gift to support the costs of a particular program of their interest either wholly or in part. The Army has a list of programs that address a wide variety of needs spanning a broad spectrum of the community. Becoming personally involved with specific programs can be immensely gratifying.


All William Booth Society members receive:

  • a framed certificate of membership
  • annual listing on a plaque in Divisional Headquarters, in the local corps community center, in the annual report, and in the annual William Booth Society membership journal
  • an invitation to the annual dinner honoring the nationwide William Booth Society membership
  • V.I.P. treatment at The Salvation Army annual meeting sand other special events



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