The making of an album

by Samuel Arias

Show Photo - SMALLBeing in The Singing Company has definitely been an eye-opening experience as a songwriter and musician. Despite being part of several music projects and creating my own music, I never wrote songs intended for congregational worship. I had the opportunity to write alongside my band members in preparation for our upcoming EP (Extended Play). The band got together and discussed various topics and themes our worship songs could focus on and we broke out into “Theme Teams” working on specific Bible passages that could potentially inspire a new song.  This process forced us to be intentional in finding the message in our song and to find a truth to proclaim in our worship.

A weekend away was a big part of the process to get these songs on paper as far as writing goes, but we relied on time in and away from the studio to see how we could play these songs in a way that represented us as a band.  Constructive criticism from our sound engineers led us to reevaluate everything that was being played and caused us to press in musically.

Since this EP is my first with The Singing Company it is difficult to compare this project to past albums, but I feel we have collectively invested a lot in these songs. These songs stem from our own individual walks with the Lord and have caused us to take an honest look at where we are at in this moment with Him. I feel the most important part to recording and releasing an album is that it must be genuine and it must matter to those who made it.




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