Review of book by Commissioner William Francis

Francis book coverConversations with the Catholic Church

by Commissioner William Francis

In December 2007 delegates representing the Roman Catholic Church and The Salvation Army met at the Army’s Sunbury Court Conference Centre near London, England, for the first in a series of five meetings of informal conversations. The decision to embark on these conversations was a natural consequence of the friendly and more frequent contacts between the Holy See and The Salvation Army and the visits of international Salvation Army leaders to Rome.

During the conversations, papers were delivered that presented the Catholic and Salvationist perspectives on a number of subjects, including the Nature of the Church, Divine Revelation, Social Justice, Salvation, Sanctification, Theology and Forms of Mission. The discussions evidenced a search for the wholeness of the
truth that is represented and expressed by complementary and differing understandings, and consensus was reached for continuing fellowship, dialogue and cooperation.


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