History of I’ll Fight Day


Inspired by General William Booth’s last public address, the famous “While women weep, I’ll fight…” speech, “I’ll Fight Day” debuted as an initiative to encourage teens and young adults to perform acts of servant evangelism in their communities.

Starting in the Metropolitan Division in 2006 and now practiced throughout the Central Territory, the initiative was the brainchild of Eric Himes, territorial director of young adult and worship arts ministries. Held on the first Saturday of each December, I’ll Fight Day allows youth to help build the Kingdom of God and show the love of Christ to others.

Activities are limited only by participants’ imaginations. Past efforts have included distributing hot chocolate to holiday shoppers, finding parking spaces in crowded mall lots, clearing tables at mall food courts, feeding the homeless, baking and delivering cookies to social service clients and even paying late fees for library books.

The goal is to encourage youth to follow Jesus’ example of “taking the form of a servant” through creative and practical activities. They also learn service is a powerful act of worship as they represent Christ in a way that prompts people to ask, “Why are you doing this?”




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