Bold changes for Corps Cadets

New incentive, new curriculum

Corps cadets and counselors will be thrilled to learn of a new incentive being introduced across the territory and a new national curriculum called BOLD.

Graduate corps cadets interested in pursuing higher education will be eligible for the Graduate Corps Cadet Post High School Education Scholarship, which can be applied toward a four-year college, junior college, technical school, trade school, etc. Each graduate can receive $1,000 per year for a maximum of $4,000 over a four year period.

“This scholarship is designed to be an incentive for students to engage in and complete the corps cadet program, as well as an encouragement for students to remain active senior soldiers,” said Barb Higgins, territorial youth development specialist. “Leaders will have additional time for discipling and equipping our young people for leadership.”

To be eligible for the scholarship, a corps cadet must be a graduate of the program in the Central Territory and a senior soldier in good standing. To learn more about the scholarship and how to apply visit the Central Youth Network website ( or contact your corps officer.

Also the new national corps cadet curriculum, BOLD, is rolling out. BOLD stands for the four main elements of the program: Bible study, Our heritage, Leadership and Discipleship. Instead of covering only one of the four elements per month, this new eight-month model covers one aspect of BOLD each week on a monthly theme, such as mercy.

The student booklet has been revamped with more contemporary graphics and relevant presentation, while the corresponding leader’s manual will be available online only as a PDF and downloadable to a tablet or computer.

“We want to equip our young people to be confident and courageous, unafraid of difficult situations,” said Carolyn Bailey, national curriculum development director. “We want them to have the audacity to be transformed by God’s Holy Spirit.”

Salvationists also will want to note a change in the minimum age for corps cadets. A young person now must be at least in the 6th grade. According to Carolyn, the primary motivation for this change is to give graduate corps cadets a year or two to practice what they’ve learned before graduating from high school.

For additional information, see your corps officer.




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