The Whole World Mobilizing

Following the international Boundless Congress, The General has issued a challenge to the entire Salvation Army world to be mobilized in mission. Beginning January 1, 2017, The Whole World Mobilizing: Go Fo rward, is a campaign that enlists every Salvationist around the globe to go forward in mission.

At the center of this campaign is a sending out of Salvationists within their local communities to evangelize, witness, and perform acts of Christian service. Throughout the year Salvationists in every territory, command, ARC unit, division and corps will look for opportunities to share the love of Christ in practical, demonstrable ways such as open airs and special events. To highlight the General’s call to mobilization, a special Whole World Mobilizing flag, GPS equipped, has been commissioned and distributed to every territory with the challenge set forth to collectively march around the world in one year – a total of 24, 901.5 miles.

To help you in getting this campaign started, and to aid you in your planning, please download and share the Whole World Mobilizing Promotional Toolkit (English and Spanish) which includes:

  • Logo and animated logo
  • Whole World Mobilizing slide presentation
  • Promotional video with script and explanation

Get ready in 2017 to mobilize your territory, your command, your division, your ARC, your corps, your family, and yourself, for this historic worldwide campaign. Go forward with Jesus, and turn the world upside down!