The following is a list of all SACEP course offerings and their syllabi


PRM 410/635 Counseling
This course will focus on skill development related to the art of Counseling. As the majority of the students either are or will be pastors, the course will focus primarily on the area of Pastoral Counseling. The course will be taught in a lab format. Among the topics considered will be empathic attunement, assessment, active listening, responding, theological assessment, and counseling theories. Approximately 40% of the class will be spent in skill practice. Students must be willing to participate in Practice Counseling sessions. Click here to email Professor of Record: Major Marc Johnson

PRM 310/610 – Discipling
The purpose of this course is to develop students who:
a) effectively live a discipled life
b) are empowered to plan and implement disciple-making strategies.

The model is Jesus whose purpose was to make disciples who perpetuate disciple-making process. The focus of this study is the development of intentional discipleship strategies. The outcome is students equipped with practical strategies to initiate and maintain a group of disciples within their community who will then perpetuate the process. Click here to email Professor of Record: Major Christie Van Zee

PRM 424/624 – Dynamics of Intercultural Ministry

“Dynamics of Intercultural Ministry” will explore the fundamentals of intercultural communication and the implications for interactions and for ministry in a culturally diverse world. The course will cover a variety of topics, emphasize self-reflection, and engage participants in experiences designed to develop competencies needed for leadership in multicultural settings. Click here to email Professor of Record:

PRM 364/664 – Nonprofit Retailing for Mission Advancement
“Nonprofit Retailing for Mission Advancement” will explore the fundamental concepts of methodologies and processes of thrift store operation. Topics include mission and ministry of nonprofit retailing, qualities and characteristics of effective administration/managers, store management (planning, budgets controls), human resource responsibilities and challenges of competition in the marketplace. Course will center on the variety of ways for starting and running a thrift store and how each contributes to effective business decisions in retail, service and mission. Click here to email Professor of Record:

PRM 402/602 – Organizational Behavior
The field of Organizational Behavior builds on knowledge developed in a wide variety of disciplines including psychology, sociology, and industrial management. Organizational Behavior focuses on understanding why individuals behave as they do in the context of the workplace, as well as in non-work settings including clubs, teams, churches, and associations. Organizational Behavior (PRM 402/602) is designed to address individual, group, and organizational variables that inhibit or facilitate effective organizational functioning and provides tools for working with others toward common goals. Topics may include individual and group dynamics, motivation, leadership, power, culture, decision-making, managing change, conflict resolution, and ethics. Click here to email Professor of Record: Major Toni Dorrell

PRM 316/616 – Worship and Preaching
This course explores the nature of worship and preaching in terms of theology and historical development and practice. The components and dynamics of worship are examined with particular attention given to the place of preaching and the use of technology in worship and preaching. Contemporary and cultural factors influencing worship will be examined concentrating on the Corps as a place of worship. Click here to email Professor of Record: Captain Scott Strissel

PRM 360/660 – Youth & Family Ministry
This course will examine the role of youth and family ministry as a means of reaching the un-churched and providing avenues for growth and ministry for all age groups. It will include the biblical foundation for ministry to youth and families, and analysis of contemporary intergenerational characteristics and issues. Students will construct practical ministry strategies to provide effective, need-oriented ministries across the generations. Click here to email Professor of Record: Major Deborah De La Vergne


PRM 432/632 – Chaplaincy for Crisis Response

Providing effective chaplaincy ministry to individuals, families, and communities following critical incidents and in times of crisis requires special training, skills and understanding of the unique role of the chaplain. This course builds on the basic crisis intervention principles taught in the required prerequisite courses and seeks to prepare participants to provide chaplaincy services in diverse settings with diverse population groups. The focus is to provide strategic chaplaincy intervention for both the immediate post incident response, and helping connect survivors with critical support systems throughout the long-term recovery journey.

PRM 417/617 – Community Relations

This course offers an opportunity to learn and apply practical principles to better understand community relations. Emphasis is placed on external resource development with media, maximizing board member engagement, understanding the role of philanthropy in the corps, and how to communicate most effectively with community leaders. Proven tactics for ministry support and fundraising success are also presented.

The course emphasizes your role with community relations as it relates to corps success. It will explore community relations as a key tactic in an overall strategic communications program, covering traditional, online and social media, and applying classroom discussion and readings along with practical exercises. Click here to email Professor of Record:

PRM 421/621 – Faith in Action Through Social Work
This course is designed to acquaint students with both direct service and program management aspects of social work. It will introduce students to a basic understanding of social work theory and practice that can be integrated into their overall community service ministry. Social work is a caring ministry. This course integrates the Christian faith with social work theory and practice. The course is applicable to Salvation Army officers and employees and others engaged in para-church ministries. It will enhance their work with people. Topics covered are (1) the biblical basis for social work, (2) pastoral care in social services (3) social work and Christian values and ethics, (4) social work practice, (5) program planning and development, (6) case management and (7) social justice. Salvation Army policies and procedures are noted as they relate to social services ministry and identified as model policy when appropriate. Click here to email Professor of Record: Maribeth Swanson. (Rubics Link)

PRM 471/671 – Family Dynamics and Intervention
This course provides an academic, clinical and theological understanding of the family. Students of this course will be exposed to an integrated view of family dynamics based on current social-science research, clinical practice and biblical truth. Constructs such as covenant, grace, empowering and intimacy will form the framework for understanding family life and the challenge to maintain unique individuality within family unity. Topics such as: Biblical and theological foundations of the family, family origin and universality, marital structure, family structure and function, the impact of social factors on families, family diversity and multiculturalism, kinship roles, family development, marriage adjustment, international family variation, parenting, stages of individual and family life, and the influence of modernity and post-modernity on family life will be covered in this course. Click here to email Professor of Record: Major Brenda Herivel

PRM 403/603 – Spiritual Formation and Personal Development
The purpose of this course is to explore topics in both personal and corporate spiritual formation which impact the totality of one’s life and work. Attention will be given to problems which may cause leaders to bring into question their call to ministry and/or impede their spiritual and ministry formation. Click here to email Professor of Record: Captain Tammy Whitney

PRM 306  Principles of Management

Management issues are explored from the perspectives of business management and human resource administration. Human resource administration topics include employment law, personnel management, employee motivation theories and implications, conflict management and relationship building. Business management topics include; ethics, finance, budget administration and time management.  Click here to email Professor of Record: Major Jack Holloway


CMIN 572/672 – Urban Ministry Practicum

This is a hybrid course where online content and on-site experience are combined in a 5-day practicum conducted at the Urban Mission Center in St Louis area and Benton Park West neighborhood in partnership with the Salvation Army. Benton Park West has a good blend of urban life (density, diversity, and disparity) to submerge into for practicing theory and principles learned in Urban Studies. The course will look at neighborhoods, areas of marginalization, areas of conflict and identified sacred spaces. Time will be given for discussion and study on the Urban Millennium and how it impacts the region, city and neighborhood and how the church has been impacted.  While present in the community, students will learn and practice the 6 postures for creating and practicing missional community and will spend time daily in the urban garden for spiritual reflection. Click here to email Professor of Record: Dr. Rob Simpson