The Salvation Army Continuing Education Program (SACEP) is the required officer development program to be completed by all Salvation Army officers in their first five years of active service. The tabs to the left offer an overview of the SACEP program, its coursework, necessary form, and registration information. It is our hope that you will find the answers to most of your questions concerning SACEP.  However, if something is unclear or if we can provide a solution not addressed in the information to the left, do not hesitate to contact our department with your questions.  For inquiries, please contact Heidi Thiel.

Each Salvation Army Officer participates in a training process that extends for seven years. Two of these years, traditionally, take place, in residence, at the College for Officer Training. At the conclusion of these two years, Officers receive a commission and ordination for ministry along with an appointment with a local community for ministry and service. Within the first five years of active service, Officers are required to complete a battery of continuing education courses that synthesize organizational and ministry principles with contextualized experience. The combination of theory and praxis fortifies the skills and talents of each individual officer for continued ministry and service. The following outlines the basics of the SACEP Program.

  • Requirements: Officers must complete 5 courses within a five year period, and may elect to move through this coursework more quickly with Unit Commander approval.
  • Residency: Course Work is completed on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University for one week in the months of May and July/August. Officers are required to complete the week-long residency for their registered course in order to receive credit.
  • Course Work: A selection of 13 courses are offered through The Salvation Army’s relationship with Olivet Nazarene University. These courses may be found on a subsequent tab on this web page.
  • Assignments: Assignments for courses vary, however, typically each course has a set of pre-course assignments as well as post-course assignments. Due dates are established in the course syllabus and students generally have 3 months to complete post-course assignments.
  • Registration: Beginning in January of each year, ORD department will notify officers of the open enrollment period to being the process of course registration. Once this open enrollment period begins, officers will be ushered through the entire process from start to finish for enrollment, housing, meals, textbooks and child care for those with children that are nursing.
  • Degree Completion: As part of the SACEP program, officers are enrolled in a corresponding degree program with Olivet University. Once the requirements for SACEP are met officers have the option to seek approval for degree completion. Please see the Degree Completion tab on this page or contact Rob DeGeorge