by Majors Christine Poff and Cindy Strickler

They arrived at the College for Officer Training (CFOT) in the fall of 2016, excited and anxious as they began their journey to officership.

In response to their call, they came from across the Central Territory, some from rural communities and others from larger towns or urban areas. Two are originally from Korea but ministered in several countries before coming to the United States. All of them left behind jobs, homes and extended family to become “Messengers of the Gospel.”

Among the cadets you’ll find musicians, writers, linguists, school teachers, a machinist and former motorcyclist with a penchant for leather. Seven possess bachelor’s degrees, and one has a master’s degree. There are new parents but also parents of college students. Some hail from Salvation Army families, while others are first-generation Salvationists.

But what do they have in common? They’ve all been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and called by God into fulltime service as officers.

The “Messengers of the Gospel” are finishing their 22-month preparation consisting of classroom instruction, quizzes, final exams and numerous written papers. Regular visits to area corps and Christmas and summer assignments have given them opportunities to preach, teach and share the gospel and are the arenas where they have learned to love God’s people.

Soon, this session will carry the life-transforming message of the gospel to the communities where they are appointed to serve.

Come and see them commissioned and ordained and appointed on Sunday, June 10.

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